Poetry: (1/1460)

today, i chose tenderness.
today, i said “i love you” to me.
today, i found a way to breathe in the air of this hard season without suffocating.
today, i gave flowers to the world.
today, black lives matter stayed on my chest.
for all of the people who don’t fucking get it.
but mostly, for me. as a reminder. a chant. a reprise.
and a promise.
today, i walked through halls echoing the bigotry of their inhabitants. and straightened my back. steadied my gait. dared them to say something about my song.
today, i shaved my hair close to my head, again. and buttoned my shirt all the way up.
i kissed this magical womxn like i wouldn’t get another chance. and found the depths of my love feeling infinite once more.
i rested in those depths for a moment. and dared someone to tell me about how i’ve violated their god’s intentions.
today, i write my story in pen. today, i refuse to be erased.
today, i chose tenderness. and self-love. and existence.
today, i resisted.


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